About The Company

Who are we? We like to keep our friends and family close! Raw Apothecary is owned and operated by a group of friends and family. Our mothers, brothers, cousins, wives and sisters have all seen the benefits of our Raw health & beauty products, and we all knew that others would too.

We TRULY believe in our product and sharing their benefits with as many people as possible. We take pride in the entire product development process; from sourcing and recipe formulations to packaging and handling, all the way until it gets into our customers hands.

Even after that, customer service is critical to our company. We want our customers to give us feedback and ideas about our products, or let us know what they would like us to come out with next. When our customers talk, we listen. Raw Apothecary knows the importance of changing with the times and our customer's feedback is vital for us to be able to do so.

Check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or send us an good old fashioned e-mail. For pictures, promotions, and more information create a customer account.Thank you for learning a little more about the Raw Apothecary Family, we look forward to your input in the future.