DIY Bath and Body Recipes

There are so many bath and body products on the market, we can hardly keep track. But why buy a factory-made, artificial product when you can make the same thing at home? Do-it-yourself health and beauty products are wonderful because they are cost-efficient and you are in complete control of the ingredients. Especially when it comes to skin products, you should be keenly aware of exactly what’s in the stuff you put on your body every day. With these easy recipes, you can rest assured that your lotion, shaving cream, deodorant, etc. are all-natural and organic.

We’ve come up with a variety of homemade bath products recipe ideas using cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. Simply choose the recipe category of your favorite Raw Apothecary body butter to see a list of possible recipes. You can easily make your own bath and body remedies, including lip balm, hair conditioner, soap, face cream, after-sun lotion and many more. Your homemade products will quickly replace your favorite store-bought items! Try one of these body butter recipes and add honest, all-natural health and beauty products to your bathroom collection today.